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Post  Derp on Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:26 pm

Derp's GFX Application!


In-game Name(if you have):
Derp (once released)


Have you got Experience?If yes how many years?:
Yes, I've been doing graphic art for 2 years. I have improved a lot in my projects and also learning more. I can't do GIFs or MS custom character features, because I haven't really been into it yet. Eventually I will try to learn new stuff to become a better artist of GFX

Show us some of your work here:
Derp's GFX Application Oua15t Just a avatar of an anime character.
Derp's GFX Application 2jfx7vl Sig I made of a sexy model. LOL
Derp's GFX Application 54dm5t Sig of Cloud from Final Fantasy.

How many hours can you spend in working for us?:
GMT+/-4:00 (EST) Weekdays: 3:00PM - 10:00PM Weekends: The time I wake up to the time I sleep (Varies)

Other Information:
I can make GFX at request if I do become one of the server's GFX. If you ask for a GFX that I can't do, I will try to learn that skill. ;D

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