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Post  Sene on Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:28 am

Name: Sene

Age: 16

How many hours can you spend in working for us?: 6+, I can get on afterschool/beforeschool/and on a good day in between some classes.

Other Informations: I lots of experience with managing a website, some of my past experiences would be:
Administrator on a post 2 host offshore webhosting site.
Support Member on a different post 2 host onshore webhosting site.
Forum Mod on bryanscapems while it lasted.
Forum Mod on Eliction rsps.

I like what I do as a forum moderator, I like to enforce the rules and remove abusive users, I like making the community a fun place without all the trolls going around being rude. Im a nice person, and I intend on being around for a while. Wink

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