A short story I wrote :3

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A short story I wrote :3 Empty A short story I wrote :3

Post  Hannahh on Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:52 am

This short story is just an idea for an actual long story I want to write. It takes place in modern times, but in it lives a girl from a hundred or so years before modern times, trapped in a parallel universe glass box thing of sorts... LOL. just read it fools Very Happy

Warning: it's kind of... Dark. lols.


She's in a different world than I. She's a part of a world with fancy gadgets and trinkets. A world with clothes that have no ruffles adorning each piece. A world where it's easy to express who she is.

I'm stuck in my world. My world, where I must always be so polite wherever I go and to whomever I speak to. A world where it's incorrect to be friends with whomever I desire. Stuck in a world with nothing but a radio gone eternally static in the back of my previously dynamic mind. I'm stuck in this damned world, where time remains frozen, at a standstill, behind this damned wall of glass.

Once again, I wander to that damned glass wall, to the edge of my reality. Once again, I see her standing there, staring with that same piercing gaze. I weep pitifully, falling to my knees, letting my envy come to the surface. How could I not be the slightest bit jealous? She has everything I wish I could have...

"Break me free of this prison," I say to her. She continued to stare. Seconds, minutes, hours, could have passed. But her gaze is finally broken by her friends calling out to her from the background, and she leaves me here as a part of her own selfish desires. 

She leaves me, stranded in this monochromatic Hell.

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